Who are you?

Commodify Inc. is an internet startup. We build products that allow individuals to capitalize on their online monetary potential. We are focused on seeking out and creating new markets where users have control over their data and the ways in which it is sold and distributed. Our highly secure server platform provided by partner R-IV ensures the safety and integrity of your data.

How does it work?

  1. The first step to taking control of your data with commodify.us is to export it out of Facebook.
  2. Next you can upload your data to commodify.us where it will be verified and anonymized using a process that removes all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure your privacy.
  3. Your data is then given a score estimating the possible market value of your profile. When we analyze your data we count and represent your social media engagement.
  4. Finally, our licensing options empower you to leverage your data's monetary and creative potential. If you choose a Commercial Data License your anonymous data will be placed on the market and you may profit from your social media use.

Why should we trust you?

You trusted Facebook and we have a clearer Privacy Policy and Terms of Service than they've ever had.

Why did you make this?

Because our Data-4-Gold infomertials weren't working that well and we thought that the internet might be a better way.

Doesn't this encourage the use of social media?

Possibly, but more than likely the millions and millions of people will keep liking cat videos. Our intendeded outcome is not to discourage interaction online, but rather we want people to think about how and why they use social media. In the end everyone should own their own data and be able to do with it what they want, even sell it through our website.

Is this for real?


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